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Who  Is  Renen?

Renen is an artist and choreographer in the crossing fields of performance art, installation, playwriting, and video. Their works mainly reflect on processes of art-making, authorship, institutional critique and personal memory. They have presented stage pieces and visual installations in Germany, Israel, Finland, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark and Brazil.

Renen worked in artistic collaborations with Jeremy Shaw (57th International Venice Biennale; Centre Pompidou), Boudry/Lorenz (MUDAM Luxembourg), Lia Rodrigues (Favela da Maré, Rio de Janeiro),  Boris Nikitin (Kaserne Basel; Wiener Festwochen), Julian Weber, deufert&plischke, Dafna Maimon and many more. As a performer for others, they are curious about embodying somebody else's vision and interpreting it into one's own.

They graduated with BA in dance, context and choreography from HZT Berlin, UdK, and an MFA from the Work.Master program at HEAD Genève. Nowadays, they are a Meisterschüler at Bremen University of the Arts, nominated by the filmmaker Wendelien van Oldenborgh.

They live and work between Switzerland and Germany, and are often mistaken for Renana from the showbiz duo Celine and Renana.

E-mail:  who (at)  /  Instagram: @whoisrenen

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