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The trip to Bologna

a secret performance that happened for real and was given as post-facto testimony for “POP! SHOW! FUCK! UP!” Festival, Berlin 2015

Within the discourse of art education, people tend to complain about Bologna.

Some say before Bologna everything was better and that it just made the entire system more rigid. Some blame Bologna for the process of standardization it promotes, some ponder about Bologna's attempt to generalize higher education without attuning to the different characteristics and needs of each profession individually.

I heard these complaints, and in order to solve out the situation for once and for all, I booked a flight to Bologna.

Between 25 - 29.3.2015 I spent my the days in the rainy city of Bologna. I looked for clues to understand why the Bolognese want to ruin art education. For that sake, I initiated talks with locals about art, politics, universities and the role of the city. I created mappings of Bologna on a visual, temperamental and sentimental levels. I had the mission to understand: why do people in Germany blame Bologna?

As I placed myself in Bologna the city, I displaced the discourse about Bologna Process for higher education and gave it new volume and weight. Being in the city in order to understand the Process is perhaps questionable, but this strategy provided me an indirect access to tackle the complex matter of education politics. A matter that usually remains within institutions, which direct their complaints to the outside and say "BOLOGNA is there!”. Going all the way to Bologna in order to find there nothing, was an oblique proposal to look at our own institutions and say "Bologna is here"

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