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Always wanted to receive a degree in art studies and never had the nerves to go through a process of three years? Or maybe you never had a talent? Now you can let your worries aside! Accompanied by a group of experts,  you will have the opportunity to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in less than an hour! Inside a room filled with 5 kg of confetti, you will be invite to collect 180 points- the mandatory amount of points for obtaining a Bachelor degree. Dedicated participants who will accomplish the task willb granted with BA degree in Art, in a fancy graduation ceremony. No need of any perquisite knowledge!

“Collecting Points” examines the consequences of the Bologna Process for higher-education. The credit points system, formed as a way of standardization, equal 30 hours to 1 point. But this transposition indicates only time, thus, learning, qualifications, competence, efforts and achievements, to name few of the repercussions of educational processes, are becoming modified, transferred and converted into commoditized units. By replacing the abstract credit points with concrete confetti, Renen reflects on the laborious and industrialized tendencies of the current education systems.

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