What kind of expertise do I have, as a young artist, without a patron, without a king that supports my work, without a castle, without commissioned art, without a clear technique, without rules, within the contemporary art field that has no certain mastery? What kind of mastery do I possess?


These are starting questions of my current artistic research. I am busy with notions like tradition, heritage and legacy and their relation to the art which is being created nowadays. How do these notions keep up with it? Are they still important? How do they shape the way people think, speak and interact with art? What is the political agenda behind them? Why do institutions insist on playing classics?

Is is a reflection on the mechanism of art making, that engages critical thinking. This research resulted so far in artistic labs and a performance. It is still a work in progress.

Documentation of the Lab in Dock 11, Berlin, March 2017

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