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A play for a theatre stage, with an announcement about switching off cellular phones, an intermission and an applause.

There will be music, and lights and a stage. It will happen in a real auditorium. People will check your tickets at the entrance, so you don't have to worry. You can take a seat, relax and look forward. It will be a real stage piece. Like a real stage piece should be.


Written and directed by: Renen Itzhaki

Cast: Johanna Ackva, Ana Jelusic, Lulu Obermeyer, Sunayana Shetty, Yannick Geske, Len Jakobsen and Till-Jan Meinen.

With a special apperance of: Lisa Blöchle and Emma Tricard&Christina Wüstenhagen.

Artistic support: Sivan Ben-Yishay

Costume designer: Orli Baruch

Original music: Oded Essner

Musical arrangements: Victor Tricard

Music advisor: Amir Shpilman

Light advisor: André Uerba and Fanny Sorgo

Premire: Uferstudios, Berlin, April 2016

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