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In the work "Practices" I invited the visitors to join me and participate in different activities which I considered to be my practices. The starting point for this work were my questions: What is a practice? What is an artistic practice? What could serve as an artistic practice for the field of performance art, a field which is not based on a certain technique or on a common approach?

These questions came as a response to the increased use of the word, which started to become a "Hot Term" in the performance art discourse. As I feel many times declined to ternds and fashions, I had to find out whether this word is real and what do people mean when with it.

The work was divided into different formats. The main one was 2 durational Happenings in public space, divided to Practice 1 and Practice 2.

In Practice 1, the audience was invite to participate in the action of writing postcards. In Practice 2 they were invited to hammer on wood, without the intention of building anything. Two handworks, different in quality and functionality.

These happenings were supplemented with a video about the topic of how to start creating work, and a studio based performance, dealing with language, translation and the controversial vocabulary consensus of the performance art field.


In all the occasions, a blackboard on which the audience could write their own practices could be found.

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